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About PyrGear

It’s been a bit of an interesting thing… starting with me getting a car with support from amazing dog people. When I got it I joked to hubby that I now needed to get a vanity plate and we had a fun time coming up with names and for some reason the PyrGear one stuck with me so I decided to spend the thirty bucks they cost here in NC.


Then hubby got me a surprise – he bought me the website! Haven’t really figured out the best purpose for it yet but am starting to get ideas… Now that Facebook is closing down animal related groups due to pressure from a terrorist organization… groups that were there one day are just gone the next… which is something that may happen to my PPP page that now has over three thousand members. A lot of the groups have moved over to the Mewe platform and while I joined, social media networks are starting to feel less appealing…

I decided to start out my page by creating a forum community for now, a place where us Pyr lovers will be able to do what we love to do – continue sharing our dog, photos, videos, information, support…

It will take a couple of weeks to get things up and running but I wanted to make this place available to bookmark in case you one day come to see videos on the PPP page and it’s not there any more…


In the mean time… if you have any resources or educational articles or videos that you feel are worth sharing in this kind of community – please send them to me at Lena@pyrgear.com.


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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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