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Although different forms of dog aggression have been identified and neatly categorized below, the reality is dog aggression is not so neatly segregated. It is rare to see a dog with only one type of dog aggression, and an aggressive dog may also have other behavior problems.  This can sometimes complicate the diagnosis and treatment. [1].

But more important than understanding the types of dog aggression is in understanding exactly what the dog’s triggers are, in other words, what sort of things cause him or her to react aggressively or to become anxious.  What are the sequence of events and circumstances that occur before the dog becomes aggressive?  Keeping detailed records may start to reveal a pattern.  Here are some more common types of dog aggression:

Owner Directed or “Dominance” Aggression

Fear Aggression

Territorial/Protective Aggression

Dog-on-dog Aggression – Related to Dominance

Dog-on-dog Aggression – Related to Pack (Sibling)

Dog-on-dog Aggression – Related to Fear

Predatory Aggression

Possessive Aggression

Aggression Towards Babies or Children

Redirected Aggression

Food-Related Aggression

Play Aggression

Maternal Aggression

Health Related Aggression

Seizure Related Aggression

Aggression influenced by Medications

Read the rest here: https://k9aggression.com/dog-aggression-overview/types-of-dog-aggression/?v=7516fd43adaa


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