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      Every summer comes the heated debate about clipping so-called double coated breeds. The debate have been going on for ages and its like a religious debate where you have 2 fundamentalists discussing who´s God is the right one .

      Its been flaring up on the internet in different forums long before Facebook . But with Facebook there is an added element of different “factual” articles being shared. Mostly from the No side and they all claim to show why its wrong using different claims that very seldom have any scientific backing.

      The latest one is a thermal camera picture of what we are told – a golden retriever in a lion trim and the claim is that we could see in the picture that the clipped area is warmer than the longhaired one and that proved that is was bad to clip them.

      But there was no information about the picture – where was it taken ? Indoors? Outdoors ? Is the sun shining on the dog ? Is it hot or cold around the dog ?  Is the dog dry or wet ? Clean or dirty ? Had the dog recently been running around ?   That is all factors that affect the outcome of the picture .

      The picture shows how much heat that is radiating FROM the surface of the dog ….. and it will off course be more heat coming from the clipped area than the long-haired one as the coat insulates and KEEPS the heat from slipping away from the dog.  ( read more about thermal images of dogs  in this paper – MariVainionpää Thermographic Imaging in Cats and Dogs Usability as a Clinical Method,2014)

      It would have looked the same if we took a picture of a boxer with a towel over his shoulders……

      Read the rest of this great article here:

      To shave or not to shave – a look into the literature about dogs thermal regulation,coat growth and more……

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