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      The reason this works is simple – dogs will almost always go for what they consider to be the highest value object around them. Your dog will find the highest value object, and begin to interact with it. If you are the highest value thing around them, they’ll do what they know will get your attention first. When barking has always gotten your attention, why try anything else? They would rather have you tell them to stop barking than getting no attention at all, so they will take the negative attention that the bark gets. While it can be difficult to ignore your dog at first, they will realize that they are not getting anything for the behavior. Your dog will stop doing behaviors that get no attention. Always remember, it is easier to replace a behavior with a new one, than it is to get rid of a behavior. A dog needs an option in every situation, and without an option given to them, they’ll pick whatever they like.

      Eventually, once your dog understands that a good choice gets them attention, and a bad choice gets them nothing, they will want to pick the good choice every time. You will notice them sitting immediately for attention, waiting as you open a door or put their leash on, behaving during grooming sessions, and much more. NILIF takes this a step further, and applies it to all aspect of the dog’s life. They do not go outside to go to the bathroom or for a walk without a Sit or a Shake. They do not get food until they do a Stay while you put their bowl down. The dog learns to ask permission for things they want, and learns to focus on you for what that permission needs to be.

      NILIF also applies to things like potty training. When your dog gives you the correct behavior, such as going to the bathroom on a pad or on the grass, they are given the attention they want. This can be verbal praise, petting, or a treat, depending on what the dog prefers the most. Even if

      How to Keep NILIF Going

      The biggest key for all of this, of course, is consistency. A single person giving a dog incorrect feedback is all that it takes to regress a dog’s training.  Luckily, it is easy to know who may be giving the dog improper attention, as the dog knows who allows what actions.  You may have seen or heard someone telling their trainer, “He listens here, but never at home!”  This is usually because the training environment has stayed consistent, while the at-home environment is lacking.  The dog knows that the trainer does not allow and does not acknowledge jumping or barking, but that the someone at home does.  While this is sometimes mistaken as a dog considering itself ‘Alpha’, this is not the case. The dog knows what it can do where, and acts accordingly.  Consider the dog to be like a child who knows their grandparents let them eat candy before dinner, so they go to their grandparents to ask for that candy.

      The Positives of NILIF

      There are a ton of reasons that NILIF works well. It is very easy to get your dog started on it at any age, from the puppy stage to the senior stage. Even older or stubborn dogs learn well from this style, and it is proven to work with disabled dogs who may bark or jump more often. NILIF is also all positive, so there is never a time that a dog may associate any negatives during the training. NILIF is a proven method that combines with every other method of Positive Reinforcement.

      The investment that it takes to begin NILIF is small. Consistency, your attention, and a handful of treats are all you need. You will be amazed to see your dog suddenly sitting when they would jump, and greeting people with a Shake rather than a tackle. NILIF works wonders on any minor behavior issue.

      The other biggest positive is that NILIF is easy to maintain. All you have to do is follow a set of rules and watch your dog follow the same rules. Watching your dog learn these rules and follow them is a reward for you, and getting attention is a reward for them. Because it is so simple to follow, both you and your dog will find yourselves following the rules set without even thinking about it.

      The Cons of NILIF

      While NILIF does have many positives, cons do exist. Ignoring a destructed behavior like chewing furniture or barking outside cannot be solved without additional training methods, as those behaviors are self-rewarding. Redirection is required for these behaviors, or other cues such as Leave It must be used. You should make sure you are giving your dog full training lessons for cues meant to redirect them back to you. NILIF does not work for severe behavioral issues, either. Aggression and resource guarding are not an easy fix, and speaking to a professional dog trainer is important for any issues that could cause your dog or others to be hurt.

      Another con is that many trainers see it as a negative training style. The ‘Say Please’ style is one often preferred, as it takes the idea of NILIF and adds more positivity to it, as well as more direct engagement with your dog. It has also been related with certain actions like the ‘Alpha Roll’, an outdated method that has been proven to both be damaging to the dog, but extremely dangerous for the owner as well.

      The other thing to keep an eye out for is called Extinction Burst. Extinction Burst is a phenomenon seen in dogs who are about to stop showing a behavior that has been ignored. Imagine if your dog walks up to you, sits down, and gets petted almost every time because you have been using NILIF. Suddenly, one day, they begin to jump again, and even more than before. If you notice your dog is doing well, and suddenly they seem to have regressed, that is an Extinction Burst. Your dog is trying one last time to force that bad behavior to work, and it is a sign that the bad behavior is almost gone. Once you push through that last bit of jumping, that bad behavior should be gone. It’s extremely important to not allow the action to succeed again, or you’ll be back at square one.

      Enjoying a Well Trained Dog

      The idea of NILIF is a simple one – rewards and attention come when the proper behavior is shown. No attention is given when an incorrect action is shown. Following those two rules will result in a happy, well-trained dog. Just remember, these are only guidelines! Nothing beats working with a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer.  When you look for a dog trainer to help you and your dog along a happier path, make sure they only use Positive Reinforcement. Shock collars, prong collars, or Alpha Rolls all are damaging and cruel, so stay away from trainers who swear by them. Remember, training a dog is an investment. It may take some time, but the end result is always worth it. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not this training style is right for you.

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